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About 27 years ago in a county far far away in a small village

The history of our Club


About 27 years ago in a county far far away in a small village, Mezőcsát, there was a plague called „karate”. It also attacked the young Mészáros István.


The fourteen-year-old boy felt sharp pain in his muscles, then some patches appeared all his body. According to the local witch these were caused by the mystic Mai-geri.


Steve did not give up the fight, and cured the disease with the most powerful medicine called training. He managed to defeat the disease, and the parches disappeared from his body. As years passed, the black plague attacked again, but this time on the man’s belt. As you say he got the black belt in 1998.


Ooooooops, we went too forward in time, so let us go back…  to the future…


In 1996, the team, which was lead by Master Szilágyi Ferenc until then, had no teacher at all. They had to choose: to be or not to be?


But if yes, they had to be renewed, and a new leader had to be chosen to follow the path of the Budo. As democracy was at hand at that time, they chose a new leader, and it was Mészáros István, who had “only” brown belt then.


The club got to know different masters and organisations, accompanied by jealousy, envy, and disappointment. Despite these they continued fighting though became a bit less in members… and won!


How many times, and when? Cannot all be written down, because paper is an expensive thing, you know, so here is some of the results:


Presentations in:

Budapest Sportsziget

Miskolc Karate World Cup

Kecskemét Budógála


World Championship

Nagyvárad /Románia/ karate

The faithful company for the group was Success, there…


World Chapionship Germany

European Championship Italy

Hungarian Champioship

Europe Cup

In these places everything went in gold, and silver


As time passed, the members of the club got more and more levels. Today five of the members have master Dan levels. The others follow the path of their mates.


So this is the story of our club in a bit funny way. And we carry on…





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